Once again, a simple and popular starter that can be shared as part of a cheese course at small gatherings. The honeycomb is what makes this dish and, surprisingly enough, it can be found easily at most grocery stores – if you just take the time to look through all of the honey choices. There is usually at least honey jar which still has the “comb” in it – you just need to be careful pulling it out of the jar, letting it “drain” a bit and placing it on a serving plate. If you don’t mind getting a little sticky, use your fingers – if not, use the tips of two spoons and have someone else hold the jar down for you.


It seems like a lot of people are starting to discover Humboldt Fog goat’s cheese. It is a tasty but mild goat’s cheese that goes great with honey and apple.

For this dish we used 1 Fuji apple and a 1/4 lb slice of Humboldt Fog cheese. Slice the apple (and slice the cheese if you want, but it kind of crumbles before you can get to the “slicing”) and remove the honeycomb from the jar (make sure you let it “drain back into the jar for a bit so that it doesn’t run all over your serving plate.

Use the apple slices like you would a cracker and place some cheese and a small “slice” of honeycomb on top – eat together, and smile.

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