We have now ripped out too many walls in too many kitchens to really recount how or when we first started writing down these recipes – it goes back a century or two in the US on one side of the family (in a covered wagon on a trail from Iowa to Georgia, or so the story goes, and in a Colonial migration to Weathersfield, CT) and, on the other side, a combination of more current Scottish and Yorkshire roots – but, for the two of us,  it started in London in a small bound book, found its way to New York City and onto small pieces of paper scattered about an even smaller kitchen; then onto Niantic Bay in Waterford, CT and into a loose leaf binder; then beachside near the Pacific Ocean in Southern California with its year-round farmer’s markets and beautiful weather; and that’s where this site was born.

Now it’s the Pacific NW and all that goes along with that pro/transgression.

We now spend a lot time in an outdoor kitchen built out of the falling remains of a garage and a newly remodeled indoor kitchen in the city, coupled with our retreat on the Oregon Coast.

And, through this, we have found that gathering around food, talk, ideas, and drink mean a lot to our every day living.

That has inspired us to pass along some of the meals that we are trying out – so that we all have a place to look at and share the best of these simple ideas and hopefully make them again and again; better and better.

Many of these recipes are taken from others and then played around with, while others are completely made up. We write them down because, well, as we get older, it gets harder to remember. Oh – and the family likes to reference them in places like Denver, San Francisco, Glasgow, Boston, New York, Niantic and Groton.

Some are great, some are good and some we won’t be making again. We’ll leave you to decide which ones those are, respectively.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks fantastic, I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I look forward to following you 🙂
    P.S. your kitchen looks great by the way!

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