This is a refreshing and bright version of a long-standing summer classic. With a slight sweet and sour twist – combing rice vinegar with a little sugar – makes this the perfect picnic element and have-it-in-the-garden meal addition. This comes Bon Appetit via Epicurious with a bit of personal embellishment.


For 4-6 servings you’ll need 4-6 cups of chopped/shredded cabbage, 1-2 cups chopped/shredded spinach, 3-4 chopped/peeled carrots, 1/2 apple (cored/cut into thin strips), 1/2 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 cup sesame oil, 1/4 sugar, 3 Tbsp fresh ginger (peeled, chopped, use a couple teaspoons dried ginger if you don’t have fresh), and sesame seeds.

Combine rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and ginger into a bowl. Whisk together well. Let stand.

Combine chopped cabbage, spinach, carrots and apple in a large bowl.

Add dressing and toss well.

Chill and serve, topped with sesame seeds.

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