This is another simple, fresh tasting appetizer which we think we first had on the North Shore of Kauai – it fit perfectly with the surroundings and is the greatest of summer starters. Serve cold.


Slice about 4 or 5 zucchini lengthwise into thin (about 1/8″ if you can, you’ll need a sharp, pointed knife) slices. Place all the slices together into boiling water and blanch for 5 minutes. Remove, drain and cool.Toss lightly with a small amount of white truffle oil (remember, not much, a few drops goes a long way), a tiny pit of balsamic vinegar and  some salt & pepper. You can also add an herb of your choice; we use fresh sage as it grows in our garden and adds a strong taste that goes well with the zucchini.  Just add enough of all to enhance, be careful not to overpower it.

Chill the entire mixture for at least 30 minutes. Spread the slices evenly on a plate and lightly cover with crushed rosted almonds (no salt) and shaved parmesan.

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