Recently we ripped out all of the walls in our small almost-beachside bungalow and subsequently found that our Gatherings Around Food have become much more social and fun than they were in three small rooms separated by walls.

We’ve always had great meals in the Spring and Summer in the back garden, but Fall and Winter have been stilted by the sectioned-off space which has made for less than ideal socializing.

With this in mind, over the holiday season this year, we planned, cooked and cleaned-up for more than 30 people over a 1 week period – both in our own space and in the spaces of others.

It was great.

Those meals and this new space have inspired us to pass along some of the people, plans and, (most importantly) meals that we have tried out – and their successes and failures.

Many of these recipes are taken from other’s and then adapted; some are completely made up. Some are great, some are good and some we won’t be making again.

But all have been made with one thing in common:

Dinner at Our Place.


New Space

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